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"I travel extensively to Asia. Having access to reciprocal clubs worldwide is a valuable benefit of my Penn Club membership."
David S. Wu, WG’82, GCH’82

Reciprocal Clubs

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Members can access the current, detailed list of reciprocal clubs by logging on the "Members Only" website.

Benefits and Caliber of Reciprocal Clubs

Countless members of The Penn Club enjoy the exclusive membership benefits of access to these 150+ amazing reciprocal clubs throughout the world. Members have access privileges to these outstanding private club's facilities and gracious services for their own social and business needs while visiting these clubhouses. Many of the reciprocal clubs of The Penn Club are very exclusive city clubs and selective country clubs around the world.

For example, one of the golf clubs is America's oldest golf club. Another city club only accepts members who have contributed exceptionally to mankind's development and their membership includes numerous Nobel Peace Prize winners and Pulitzer Prize winners; some members even have their faces and names on postage stamps within the United States and around the world! The St. James Club in London boasts Sean Connery and Michael Caine as founding members and houses regulars like Robert Redford and Kate Winslet in its overnight rooms.

Penn Club members enjoy the membership benefits of hob-nobbing with members at these extremely exclusive private clubs. Some members even feel that the value provided through our network of reciprocal clubs alone is worth joining The Penn Club!

How Does Reciprocity Work?

When you are a Penn Club member and wish to visit a reciprocal clubs, the first step is to call the reciprocal club you wish to visit to ensure availability e.g. room reservations, dining or banquet room reservations, etc. Once you have made your reservations, contact the executive office at the Penn Club to have a letter of introduction sent to the club(s) you wish to visit during your travels. This letter of introduction verifies that you are a member in good standing at the Penn Club, and is good for 30 days.

There is no cost to request a letter of introduction and there is no limit to the number of letter of introductions that you can request from the Penn Club in a year. You can request more than one letter of introduction at any one time, which can be helpful if you are traveling to a city with several reciprocal clubs. However, each reciprocal club may have different rules and limitations regarding what our members can do at their club and the frequency of your visit. Usually, reciprocal clubs do not accept letters of introductions back-to-back (e.g. 12 times a year) unless you are staying in their overnight rooms, as it is meant for members who are traveling there. Hence, it is best to call the club(s) that you wish to visit in advance to learn about the details, which may change from time to time. All Penn Club members must abide by their house rules.

Please note that clubs in Asia do not accept letters of introduction from those Penn Club members who reside in Asia.

Don't see a club that you wished would be reciprocal to our Club? Members are welcome to participate in the process of recommending new reciprocal clubs to be added to our list. This privilege is only available to current Penn Club members in good standing as the Club is for the members, by the members.

Summary List of Reciprocal Clubs


USA Clubs

The Balboa Bay Club, Newport Beach, CA
The Los Angeles Athletic Club, Los Angeles, CA
The Olympic City Club, San Francisco, CA 
The Pacific Club §, Newport Beach, CA
The Regency Club, Los Angeles, CA 
The Sutter Club, Sacramento, CA
University Club of Palo Alto §, Palo Alto, CA
The University Club of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

The University Club Denver §, Denver, CO

The Graduate Club §, New Haven, CT
The Hartford Club §, Hartford, CT
The Quinnipiack Club, New Haven, CT
The New Haven Lawn Club, New Haven, CT
The Town and Country Club, Hartford, CT

University & Whist Club of Wilmington §, Wilmington, DE

District of Columbia
The Army and Navy Club, Washington, DC
City Tavern Club §, Washington, DC
Cosmos Club, Washington, DC
The Historic George Town Club §, Washington, DC
The University Club, Washington, DC

River Club §, Jacksonville, FL
Sarasota University Club, Sarasota, FL 
Sarasota Yacht Club §, Sarasota, FL

The Georgian Club §, Atlanta, GA
The Pinnacle Club §, Augusta, GA
The Vinings Club §, Atlanta, GA

The Standard Club, Chicago, IL
The Union League Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL
University Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL

The Columbia Club, Indianapolis, IN

Metropolitan Club, Covington, KY               

The Center Club, Baltimore, MD
Johns Hopkins Club §, Baltimore, MD
Kenwood Golf and Country Club, Bethesda, MD*

*Note: This golf club requires that only members residing more than 100 miles from their clubhouse may have access to their facilities.

The Algonquin Club of Boston, Boston, MA
The Harvard Club of Boston, Boston, MA
The Union Club of Boston, Boston, MA
The University Club of Boston §, Boston, MA

The University Club of St. Paul, St. Paul, MN

Saint Louis Club §, St. Louis, MO

New Jersey
Morristown Club §, Morristown, NJ
Montammy Golf Club, Alpine, NJ
Park Avenue Club §, Florham Park, NJ

New York
The Binghamton Club §, Binghamton, NY
Century Club of Syracuse §, Syracuse, NY
The Fort Schuyler Club §, Utica, NY
Genesee Valley Club, Rochester, NY
The Saint Andrew’s Golf Club, Hastings On Hudson, NY
Salem Golf Club, North Salem,
The India House §, New York, NY
Yahnundasis Golf Club §, New Hartford, NY

The Athletic Club, Columbus, OH
Queen City Club, Cincinnati, OH
The Union Club, Cleveland, OH

Multnomah Athletic Club §, Portland, OR

Corinthian Yacht Club §, Essington, PA
Lafayette Club §, York, PA
Pittsburgh Athletic Association, Pittsburgh, PA 
The Racquet Club of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
The Vesper Club §, Philadelphia, PA

Rhode Island
Hope Club, Providence, RI

South Carolina
The Poinsett Club, Greenville, SC
The Summit Club §, Columbia, SC

The University Club §, Memphis, TN

The City Club of Forth Worth, Forth Worth, TX 
The Fort Worth Club, Fort Worth, TX 
The Houston Club §, Houston, TX
Park City Club, Dallas, TX
The Tower Club, McAllen, TX  

The Harbor Club, Norfolk, VA 
Norfolk Yacht & Country Club, Norfolk, VA

The Harbor Club, Seattle, WA 
The Rainier Club, Seattle, WA
Spokane Club, Spokane, WA
Washington Athletic Club, Seattle, WA

Milwaukee Athletic Club, Milwaukee, WI
The University Club, Milwaukee, WI


International Clubs

The Cape Town Club, Cape Town, South Africa
Pretoria Country Club, Cape Town, South Africa
The Rand Club, Johannesburg, South Africa

The American Club, Central, Hong Kong
Beijing American Country Clubhouse, Beijing, China
Butterfield's §, Hong Kong, China
The Dynasty Club §, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Jaisal Club, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan State, India
Jakarta International Club, Jakarta, Indonesia 
Kowloon Cricket Club §, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Mercantile Athletic Club §, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pacific City Club, Bangkok, Thailand 
Roppongi Hills Club, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Shanghai Racquet Club and Apartments, Shanghai
Tokyo American Club §, Tokyo, Japan

**Note: Clubs in Asia do not allow any Penn Club members who reside in Asia to utilize reciprocal privileges to their clubhouse. These clubs strictly accept only members from outside of Asia to visit their club facilities.

The Brisbane Club, Brisbane, Australia
Melbourne Club, Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Naval, Military & Air Force Club of S.A., Adelaide, S. Australia
Newcastle Club, Newcastle, Australia
Royal Automobile Club of Australia, Sydney, Australia
Union, University & Schools Club, Sydney, Australia
Western Australian Club, Perth, Australia

New Zealand
Canterbury Club, Inc., Christchurch, New Zealand
The Christchurch Club, Christchurch, New Zealand
The Northern Club, Auckland, New Zealand

The Arbutus Club, Vancouver, Canada
The Badminton & Racquet Club of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Calgary Winter Club §, Calgary, Canada
Granite Club §, Toronto, Canada
The Halifax Club, Halifax, Canada
Hollyburn Country Club, Vancouver, Canada
Jericho Tennis Club, Vancouver, Canada
Mount Royal Club, Montreal, Canada
The National Club, Toronto, Canada
Ranchmen’s Club §, Calgary, Canada
The Rideau Club, Ottawa, Canada
Royal Canadian Military Institute, Toronto, Canada
St. James Club §, Montreal, Canada
The St. Catharines Club §, St. Catharines, Canada
The Toronto Hunt, Toronto, Canada
Union Club of British Columbia, Victoria, Canada
University Club of Montreal, Montreal, Canada
The University Club of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
The Vancouver Club, Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club, Vancouver, Canada

Jockey Club §, Bogota, Colombia


The Army and Navy Club, London, England
The Carlton Club, London, England
City University Club §, London, England
The Lansdowne Club, London, England
National Liberal Club §, London, England
The Naval Club, London, England
The Oxford and Cambridge Club, London, England
Phyllis Court Club, Oxfordshire, England
Reform Club, London, England
Royal Air Force Club, London, England
The Sloane Club, London, England
The St. James’s Club, London, England
St. Stephen's Club §, Westminster, England
The Travellers Club, London, England

Saint James Paris, Paris, France

Royal Dublin Society/Equestrian §, Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland
The Stephen's Green Hibernian Club, Dublin, Ireland

Royal Over-Seas League, Edinburgh, Scotland
Royal Scots Club, Edinburgh, Scotland
The Western Club, Glasgow, Scotland

Circulo del Liceo §, Barcelona Spain

Cairo Capital Club , Garden City, Eqypt
Palm Hills Club, Cairo, Egypt 

Doha Club §, Doha, Qatar



Each reciprocal club has their own House Rules and limitations in their reciprocal agreement with The Penn Club. These reciprocal agreements are courtesy agreements, and are subject to change at any time. Members are advised to contact the reciprocal club you wish to visit to clarify any specific conditions and limitations before making your reservation and letter of introduction request. members must abide by their rules, regulations and requests while visiting these clubs.