Admission Process

  • ALL requested information must be filled out, including your social security number and valid credit card information, in order to process the Penn Club membership application.
  • An original application with signature received by mail is preferred. Original applications may also be dropped off at the front desk of the clubhouse. Faxed applications (use a dark pen) are acceptable only if the fax is clear and clean (e.g. straight, no lines, nothing is cut off or obscured, everything is legible, etc.). If you fax in your application, please also drop your original application in the mail for our records.
  • All dues, club charges, and the initiation fees are subject to New York sales tax, currently 8.875%. Checks shall be made payable to The Penn Club. All paid dues and fees for admission are non-refundable.
  • All memberships are individual; spousal/life partner memberships are available. Member applicants working in non-profit organizations are subject to the sales tax as the Club is a 501(c)(7) private social club which does not have corporate members and all memberships are for individuals.
  • Membership rates are non-negotiable. All applicable initiation/reinstatement fees and dues plus taxes are payable in full at the time of joining, and dues are due in full by the end of each fiscal year (June 30th).
  • Submitting a completed membership application to membership does not mean automatic admission; Verification of the information on the completed application must be conducted to determine that the membership qualifications are met and that financial history and social conduct/decorum are satisfactory.
  • Membership at the Club is a privilege, not a right. The Club is for the members, by the members. Changes to the Club must be proposed by members only; non-members, including alumni, do not have governing rights to the Club.
  • Annual dues and initiation fees are determined upon thorough review of the information provided. Memberships that account for both age and location are dependent on the closer of one's home or work address to the club house, regardless of how much time you spend at either locations. If you have more than one work address or home address, the closest of all is used to determine your membership category. Any efforts by the member to avoid declaring the correct address information may result in revocation of his/her membership without refund.
  • Any additional charges that are determined by the membership admissions office must be paid for in advance before the membership process can be completed.
  • Member candidates should allow two weeks for processing, depending if there is a wait list.
  • Member candidates may not utilize the Club until notified of acceptance. Reservations may only be made after a member candidate's membership is fully verified and set-up. New members will be notified when their member accounts are ready for use.
  • Member candidates will be notified of their acceptance to the Club by mail and by email.
  • All new members are subject to a 90-day probationary period where their names are posted for review by other club members and for final approval by the Membership Committee.
  • Receiving An Application
    • Please complete the Membership Inquiry Form to receive periodic updates on Penn Club activities, programs and membership information that may be of interest to you and your family. To receive a membership package with our application and current dues rates, please complete the Membership Inquiry Form or email [email protected] stating your affiliation to Penn, or call (212) 403-6627. To download a Penn Affiliation membership application, click on the button below:

      Membership Application

  • Membership Wait List Policy
    • Due to clubhouse capacity and the Club’s interest in maintaining an optimal mix of club membership categories, a membership wait list policy is enforced.

      Member applicants must complete the membership application in full without any missing information as part of the nomination process. Once applicants for membership have completed the nomination process and have been approved by the Membership Committee/Board of Directors, candidates for membership will be admitted on the following basis:

      Automatic List - No Wait

      • Applicants living or working in New York City.

      • Penn applicants from the current graduating class.

      • Applicants aged 21-24 or 70 and over.

      • Resident, affiliate and associate member applicants aged 35 and over.

      • Spousal member applicants. This practice will maintain consistent with the Club’s promotion of family and encouragement of both spouses joining.

      • Penn applicants who have at least 2 other family members (e.g. alumni, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, siblings) who are already members in good standing or are applying together with family members to make a total of 3 or more family members, including applicant(s), who become club members.

      • Such other individuals as the Membership Committee or the Board of Directors may recommend from time to time.

      Regular Wait List

      All other candidates for membership and member reinstatements shall be admitted in chronological order based on nomination receipt as space becomes available.

      Waitlist applicants will be notified via email when their membership election has been approved. Completed membership applications, including those by wait-listed applicants, will be processed immediately when a space opens up; Applicants on the wait list are not permitted to defer an offer of membership at any time. There are no refunds on processed applications. Waitlisted applicants may withdraw their application in writing by emailing the Membership Director at [email protected] within 24 hours of receiving the membership election approval notification. The membership admissions office is open on week days during business hours.
  • Payment Schedule
    • The Club's membership and fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th. Those members who join during the year have their dues prorated by the month in which they join. The membership becomes effective upon payment of the initiation fee (if applicable) and membership dues. The initiation fee is a one-time, non-refundable fee.

      Members must keep their membership active every year. Cancellation of a membership will result in forfeiting of all applicable initiation fees. Any changes to a member's account must be made in writing, including change of address.

      Subsequent to the first year, dues are paid annually during the renewal period. A member is assumed to be renewing (including the Palestra Fitness Center) and will be charged renewal dues automatically if s/he utilizes the club facilities after July 1st of the new fiscal year.

      Any charges to a member's house account are to be paid within thirty days following the end of the month in which those charges were incurred. Members are responsible for prompt payment of dues and house charges, including keeping the Club informed of their current home and business addresses (and second home, if applicable). Finance charges are applicable for late payment. Failure to pay due to change of address is not an adequate reason for lack of payment or adjustment for finance charges, and may result in cancellation of one's membership.

      Members who lose their membership due to nonpayment of charges or dues may, upon payment of the balance due and all associated charges, apply for readmission subject to House Committee approval and payment of a reinstatement fee.

      Reinstating members, including charter members, will need to pay any applicable reinstatement fee or initiation fee (if one was not paid before). To be fair to all members, no variances or requests for waivers for reinstatement fee or initiation fee will be entertained; membership rates are non-negotiable.

      More details about membership responsibilities, dress code, guests, reciprocal club use, general conduct, and more, are delineated in the House Rules.
  • Posting and Probationary Period for All New Members
    • All new member candidates will be reviewed by the Membership Committee and have their names and declared home and business locations posted in the club house and on the Members Only web site for members' review during a probationary period of 90 days after admission to the Club. Any club member in good standing who wishes to suggest to the Membership Committee that the provisional member be revoked of membership may do so in writing to [email protected]. Any member candidate who has declared incorrect or falsified home or work information (the closest of ALL work and home addresses should be used to determine one's membership category) may be brought to the Membership Committee's attention for adjustment or disciplinary action. All new member candidates will be reviewed by the Membership Committee for final approval. Members are expected to conduct themselves with integrity and exercise appropriate decorum noted in the House Rules at all times. Poor conduct may result in disciplinary action that may lead to a cancellation of one's membership without refund.



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