• Who owns the Penn Club of New York?
    • The Penn Club of New York is a non-stock corporation that is owned by its members. The Penn Club is a not-for-profit private social club, as recognized under section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. It is fully independent of The University of Pennsylvania, which owns the 65,000 sq.ft. building of 13 stories plus a cellar at 30 West 44th Street in Manhattan, and leases it to the Club. All of the Club's resources and operations are solely managed by the administration of The Penn Club. The members of the Club are charged with the responsibility, as stewards of the New York City Landmark building, to keep the clubhouse well-maintained at all times.
  • What is the difference between the Penn Club of New York and the New York local alumni chapters, such as the Wharton Club of New York, PennNYC, Penn Club of Metro NJ, etc.?
    • The University of Pennsylvania has a global alumni network (GAN) of local alumni chapters each covering specific local geographic territory while the Penn Club of New York was created as the University's private club and the headquarters for the programs for Penn's undergraduate, graduate and professional member alumni from all around the world. The main difference is that the Penn Club is an actual clubhouse facility and membership is not centralized to just New York alumni. Membership is exclusively available to Penn & affiliate school graduates, family, faculty and those affiliated with Penn around the world. The facilities at the Club fulfill the original ideals of the founding members to provide a "home away from home", where members can dine, relax or entertain friends and colleagues in a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • I understand that The Penn Club is a Member-Owned Club, what does that mean?
    • A member owned club permits its members to control their club through the right to vote. The Club facilities are operated and managed under the direction of a Board of Directors which is elected by the members.
  • What benefits are provided by member-ownership?
    • Member-ownership answers the open questions as to what will become of the club facilities in the future, by clearly establishing which entity will own and control the club facilities. As a result of member control, a member-owned club assumes the characteristics of its membership. The Club experience, lifestyle, and membership growth are enhanced by the heightened interest and participation of member-owners.
  • Are there any committees that I can get involved in at the Club?
    • Yes. The Penn Club has five (5) active committees; Finance, House, Membership, Program, and Young Alumni. Current Penn Club members in good standing may volunteer in these committees.
  • Is smoking allowed at the Club?
    • The entire Clubhouse facility is non-smoking. Local Law prohibits smoking in any area of the clubhouse. By law, smoking is prohibited in all elevators.
  • Is tipping allowed at the Club?
    • Club employees may not accept tips. A gratuity is added to all dining room bills; other employees are compensated by members contribution to our Annual Holiday Fund. Please note that personal trainers and massage therapists are not considered employees of the Club.
  • Are guests allowed at the Club?
    • A guest (non-member) may utilize the Club's facilities when accompanied by a member in good standing. A member is responsible for the conduct of, and charges incurred by, his/her guest(s) while they are on Club property. For purposes of sleeping rooms, it is not required that the member be present. However, the member must submit prior written authorization (sponsorship form) to the Club requesting such privileges for his/her guest. Such authorization will serve as the member's guarantee for the charges of their guest(s). All reservations and cancellations must be made by the member, including sponsored rooms or events for their guests. Members are liable for any damages or non-payment of bills, should their guests not settle their bills (e.g. no-shows, etc.), as required. Members may not sponsor a non-member for dining (in The Grill Room or Main Dining Room); in accordance to statutory regulations, all guests for dining must be accompanied by a member (only exception for overnight guests). At the Club's discretion, a guest fee may be applicable when a non-member utilizes certain Club facilities (e.g. overnight rooms, Palestra Fitness Center, etc.). A spouse who is not a member is considered a guest and consequently must be accompanied by the member when utilizing the Club's facilities, unless the spouse obtains a spousal membership. Immediate family members are considered guests of a member and must be accompanied by a member when utilizing the Club's facilities. (Unless staying overnight, in which case standard Club guest policy will apply.)
  • Are pets allowed at the Club?
    • Pets are not permitted in the Club, with the exception of service animals.
  • How is billing done at the Club?
    • Each member receives a club house account. After the last day of each month, statements will be mailed to each member showing charges owed the Club. This amount is payable upon receipt and no later than the end of the month that the bill is received.
  • Is the use of electronics allowed at the Club?
    • Complimentary high-speed Internet connection is available in the Business Center on the 11th floor and in the Grill Room. Laptops may be used in these areas with the exception of the Grill Room during lunch time (12 noon to 3pm) and dinner time (after 6pm). Cell phones and laptops may not be used in any of the restaurants nor the Franklin Living Room. Cell phones may be used in the front lobby on the 1st floor, in the overnight and banquet/meeting meetings, and in the phone booths on the 3rd and 4th floors. Devices such as iPads, Kindles, and Nooks can be used in the Library as e-readers for personal use.
  • Is the Club wheelchair accessible?
    • All floors of the Club are wheelchair accessible.


Members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner respectful of other members and the staff and in accordance with generally accepted Club decorum. A member, or his/her guest, may be excluded from a Club function and/or its general premises for disorderly conduct, until further action is taken by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has the discretion to restrict or revoke membership for improper or illegal conduct. While at a reciprocal club, members will conduct themselves as fitting representatives of the Penn Club and will act in accordance with the reciprocal club's rules.



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